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Rover Security Guard Agency, Inc. has been in the business of supplying uniformed security guards for more than twenty (20) years. In that period of time we are proud to have developed an excellent reputation in providing the maximum security possible at mutually responsible billing rates.

At Rover Security, the client can expect a close personal relationship, designed to ensure the satisfaction of our service. We will designate key staff to put our program in place and closely monitor your approval! Rover Security management philosophy goes beyond settling for satisfying the contract. We are sure that this is the only way to meet the ever-increasing needs and demands of our clients. We intend to make a major investment in management time and resources to your account. To be successful for your company, we believe a strong link of daily communication is essential. We plan to establish a system whereby we make frequent phone calls or visits to your site. We are confident that the people who know us best, our clients and our employees, will support our claim on consistently demonstrating our commitment to quality. The true evaluation of security companies is the retention of clients. At Rover Security we are proud that we have served the majority of our clients for many years, and some clients have referred us to new clients without hesitation. The billing rates we offer are “realistically” priced to allow Rover Security Guard Agency, Inc. to provide a service which both Rover Security and your company can be proud of. We have not “low balled” our budget like many security agencies may do. Rather, the budget we present will achieve the desired result. Contact Us today for a free price quote.

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